Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Name: Bo
Age: 2 years
Breed: Black Labrador Retriever 
Sex: Male (not altered)
Location: Spartansburg, PA area

Vet Info: Bo was bought to be a stud at a puppy mill and due to his blindess they no longer want him. Due to this, he is not neutered. According to the owner, they have administered vaccines. He has not had a heartworm test. He is 2 years old and approximately 85 lbs. The good samaritan writes, "I am not a veterinarian, but I did extensive research and read many books when my own dog went blind. It is my opinion that Bo is completely blind. His eyes are completely clouded over. He has not been seen by a vet since owners bought him 2 years ago." He has a hematoma in one ear. Otherwise he seems very healthy.

Owner Info: Bo's owners (at the puppy mill) tried to contact the breeder they got him from to take him back due to him being blind but the breeder does not want him either. They bought him to be a stud for a puppy mill and not as he is rendered useless, he needs a new home. The good samaritan the owner contacted has been trying to find placement for him but has not had any luck yet. According to the good samaritan, Bo lives with about 40 other dogs, in a cage most of the time. She was able to visit the farm to see Bo. She said when asked about adapting to new situations, "Yes, when I met Bo, they invited me to the property to meet him and brought him out to me (I assume his living conditions are too bad for them to want me to see because they did show me about half of their farm and dogs) He is like a bull in a china store! He's a happy Lab, excited, strong, wants to meet everyone and everything. He is definitely 100% blind, but they have not taken him to a vet ever. (I previously owned a dog that went blind from SARDS, so I know how to check for vision) Bo was confident when he walks, pulls very hard on the leash, and was not deterred when he ran into things. I think he will adapt very easily into a new situation and he seems to be in excellent health otherwise, so he should have several more playful years ahead of him."

Bo may not be housebroken or leash trained. He hasn't had training of any kind due to his current situation. The good samaritan writes, "They believe he was indoors at his previous home, so he may be housebroken but they didn't know for sure. He's outside in a small pen. Does not know any commands." He is outgoing, good with men, women, children and female dogs. He has not shown any possessiveness with treats or food or aggression in any way. 

The good samaritan is pleading for help for this sweet guy. "Please help me get this sweet dog out of there! He's had no vet treatment for the blindness and lives in a small pen way out behind their barns. He gets almost no interaction because they said he's useless to them now. It's such a sad situation for him. Thank you for your help."


Name: K-9
Age: 12 weeks
Sex: Male (not altered)
Breed: Labrador Mix
Location: San Antonio, TX

Vet Info: K-9 is confirmed ​up to date on vaccines and is due for a booster in four weeks.  He is not neutered and is too young for a heartworm test.  He is on flea and tick prevention.  K-9 weighs 10 pounds.

Owner Info: K-9 is an adorable little blind puppy who was found starving in the street.  He was nursed back to health by a good samaritan.  She writes that he's very sweet, but she is unable to keep him as she has three large-breed dogs of her own, and one is very aggressive.  She is afraid K-9 will be hurt. She is hoping to find K-9 a wonderful new home or rescue!  She has tried no-kill shelters, family and friends, but has not yet had any luck.   

K-9's good samaritan writes, "He needs a home where they know how to work with a blind dog he runs and falls into water bowl I don't know how to train a blind dog, really he is very simple to care for... I cannot bring him out to general population, because of my dogs. I try and spend time with him, but I work and have tons to do, he needs a little play mate, he needs a home that know how to work with a blind dog."

K-9 is an indoor dog confined to one area of the house.  He is not yet housebroken or leash trained.  He's a smart little boy and already knows, Come here!  K-9 is very friendly and is described as "outgoing".  He's good with people of all ages, other dogs, and cats.  He currently lives with three dogs and two cats.  He is not possessive of toys, treats, or food, and has never shown any aggression.

K-9's good samaritan feels he adapts well to new situations.  She writes, "When I found him my friend fostered him for me for a week , since I was leaving town , he did great, and then when I picked him up ,he was very loving and friendly."

K-9's good samaritan gave us more information about his sight: "He cannot see from a distance , I think maybe shadows when u get close about 2 inch from his eyes . I squeeze a ball he is looking side to side all around room for ball cannot see it, I open door to room he sits there looking side to side , until I make a noise follows the noise."  Other than his sight, she tells us he is a healthy, playfully sweet puppy!


Name: JJ
Age: 5 years
Breed: Maltipoo
Sex: Male (altered)
Location: Ann Arbor, MI area

Vet Info: JJ is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and heartworm negative.  JJ weighs about 12 pounds.  

Owner Info: JJ is an adorable little fellow whose owners have a three-month old and a 16-month-old.  JJ needs to be approached gently and their 16-month-old son doesn't know how to do that, so JJ will startle and growl at their son.  They want us to know that JJ is not at all aggressive!  They are hoping to avoid any accidental biting incidents by finding JJ a new home or rescue as soon as possible.  They write, "I can't stress enough how difficult this whole process is for me and my husband but it is necessary unfortunately. Please please do your best to find a good loving home for our boy. He is a good good doggy." JJ was adopted as a puppy.

JJ is an indoor dog with run of the house.  He is housebroken and leash trained.  He is a smart little fellow and knows several commands, including Sit, Stay, Let's go for a walk, Come here, Go home, Where's your ball, and Do you want a cookie?

JJ is good with men, women and teenagers, and male and female dogs.  He currently lives with another dog.  They do not recommend a home with small children.  

JJ prefers to be approached gently, and if he's startled or frightened, he may show aggression by growling or snapping.  He can be possessive with toys, treats, or food.  His owners write that he has NEVER bitten anyone.

JJ adapts well to new situations and his owners gave us more details:  "...he has stayed with friends in their house with their own dogs while we traveled overseas a couple of times. 
It might take him a few days but he adjusts very well. 
Also we have changed houses twice since we got him and he does good with that too.  Maps out the layout of the home pretty fast."

JJ has cataracts and may be completely blind.  "Cataract in both eyes, one eye has gone completely blind the other we were told he might be able to see very very blurry. He does bump into the the things but only if their not suppose to be there like babies toys or a chair we didn t put back in its place etc...Beside his eye problem he is a healthy dog. We never had any issues with other medical problems."

JJ's owners want us to know what a special boy he is and that this is a very difficult decision for them!  "This is not an easy decision for my husband and me. JJ was our first baby before our human babies... He deserves to be with a family that loves him as much as we do but has more time and less restrictions for him. He is a good dog!!!


Name: Mojo
Age: 3 months
Sex: Male (not altered)
Breed: "Micro Exotic" American PitBull
Location: Philadelphia

Vet Info: At a veterinary exam at 9 weeks old, it was noted that Mojo had normal palbebral reflex and normal fundic exam in both eyes, but no dazzle reflex.  His limbs also seemed weak.  He received the DA2PP vaccine on 8/9/16.  
At an 8/31/16 veterinary specialty center exam, it was noted absent menace in both eyes with resting horizontal nystagmus with fast phase to the right and sometimes down, all other CNs are normal.  He also tends to circle to the left, which his owner writes that he does when he's tired and nervous.  He is eating and drinking normally.
Exam notes summary:  "Mojo's exam is consistent with a problem affecting multiple areas of his brain.  Based on the fact that his signs have been stable for weeks, this is not likely due to be secondary to an infection.  The disease processes I would be most suspicious of would be a congenital brain malformation or an inherited degenerative disease.  His signs may remain stable or progress over time."  
Mojo weighs about 18 pounds.  We asked how large he will get, and his owner wrote, "IF he is a true micro bully - it is my understanding that he should not get any taller than 11" and weight I'm guessing at around 35/45."
OS has copies of Mojo's medical notes and more detailed medical information from his owner.  If anyone has questions or would like more details, please ask!

Owner Info: DOB 6/6/16. Mojo is an adorable "micro exotic american bully" who was saved from Craigslist.  He has neurological issues, and his future is uncertain.  Mojo's owner is doing everything she can for Mojo and he is safe and loved where he is, but she writes that she works long hours and her daughter is in college, and he requires more attention than she is able to give.  It breaks her heart to leave him as often as they do. She also feels he'd do better in a quieter environment.

Mojo's owner writes, "I rescued Mojo with the purpose of finding him a safe home environment. I have a 6 month old lab mix that is extremely hyper. I am out of my home 8 to 10 hours a day. Mojo is crated, Diesel is sharing days in same room - blocked off from full run of the house. Mojo is blind and it also believed to have brain malformation. Although he is super sweet, absolutely adorable and has taken my heart at first sight - He is definitely a special needs and requires much more attention than I am able to give him. He gets along with Diesel, but when Diesel acts up - Mojo absolutely reacts to his hyper activity with a nervousness of his own. I feel that Mojo will do best in a quieter environment. I do not think he should be placed with small children."

Mojo is an indoor dog confined to one area of the house.  He is not housebroken, but is leash trained.  "He will walk on a leash with patience. Met with a neurologist - he believes Mojo has brain malformation and without costly extensive testing - it is a guess as to whether Mojo will train."  

Mojo is a very friendly little fellow and is good with men, women, and older children, male and female dogs, and cats.  He currently lives with another dog.  Mojo is not possessive of toys, treats, or food.  His owner tells us that he can get nervous if picked up or grabbed without hearing a verbal approach of some sort.  

In answer to the question asking if the dog adapts well to new situations despite their blindness, Mojo's owner wrote, "in my very limited experience - I feel he adapted as well as could be expected. my home is small. initially he went in circles and bumped into everything. By the end of the first day and a lot of 'uh oh's' from me - he actually maneuvers extremely well."

Mojo is a very happy and loving puppy!  "He appears to be a happy normal pup in every other aspect...Mojo may be 'special needs' but everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him - loves him. He looks, plays, follows, barks - like any other puppy. He may rapidly decline, he may live many happy years. My goal is to find him a safe loving home with someone who is patient and tolerant of his needs - knowing that he may - and possibly may not - ever fully be housebroken."

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ray Charles

Name: Ray Charles (RayRay)
Age: 8 years
Breed: Shih Tzu
Sex: Male (altered per owner, not yet confirmed)
Location: Sacramento, CA

Vet Info: RayRay's owner writes that he's neutered, up to date on vaccines, and heartworm negative, but this has not yet been confirmed.  RayRay weighs about 12 pounds.  

Owner Info: Ray Charles (RayRay) is an adorable little fellow who was saved from a local shelter.  RayRay and his owner's other special needs dog do not get along, and he has become aggressive towards the other dog.  She does not want to return him to the shelter and is trying desperately to find him a new home or rescue.  She writes, "This is a healthy, happy, smart, and affectionate dog. He deserves a shot of getting a comfy lap to call his own." She has had RayRay for three weeks.

RayRay is an indoor dog confined to one area of the house, he is housebroken and leash trained, and already knows Sit and Lay!  His owner tells us he's a smart fellow!  "Very good attention when holding treat in hand, eager to learn."  She also tells us RayRay adapts well to new situations, enjoys walks, and is a low maintenance fellow.  "This dog is such low maintenance and so easy to care for you almost forget he is blind. Very housebroken. Quiet (when he doesn't hear another dog). Adapts very well to his indoor and outdoor surroundings. Still likes to walk about actively."

RayRay is described as outgoing and nervous, and is good with men, women and teenagers, and cats.  He currently lives with another dog and two cats.  He is not possessive of toys, treats, or food.  His owner gave us more information about how he is when meeting others:  ..."he's blind so when he 1st meets a person, he's very friendly and active and loves pets yet if he's unsure of who you are and where you are touching he will let you know with a nip. Never broke skin. But with that said, after a week of owning him, he grew right out of this and shows no aggression to new people or handler. 

She does tell us that he seems to be dog aggressive, and gave us more details:  "Sometimes he can smell my (quiet) dog in the room and will growl and bark with a tail wag. Whenever he has met my other dog on leash he will jump up, bark, and try and bite. He hasn't been able to bite my dog though."

RayRay is completely blind.  "He had both his eyes removed after he was surrendered to the shelter I found him at. With that said, after his healing period (which is already over) he doesn't need any medicine or need anything else to be done with his eyes. And with his easily adaptive skills he's quite the low key special needs kind of pooch."

RayRay's owner wants us to know what a special fellow he is, and that he deserves a second chance.  "For a disabled/ disadvantaged senior, this pup really is low maintenance. He's very workable. Very smart and eager especially with a treat in hand. Despite his age he acts like any other healthy adult dog. And has a great mentality to get past his loss of sight....This dog deserve this second chance. He's happy, healthy, friendly, loving and smart. He just wants a lap to call his own. He's very forgiving to the "ruff" life he's experienced and deserves the right to live out his life in peace that the shelter and myself could not give him."

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Steve and Minnie

Name: Steve
Age: 8 years
Breed: Spaniel Mix
Sex: Male (altered)

Name: Minnie
Age: 5 years old
Breed: Shih Tzu
Sex: Female (not altered)
Location of both: Surry County, NC

Vet Info: Steve is confirmed neutered and up to date on vaccines.  He received the distemper and parvo vaccines in June 2016, and is next due for his rabies vaccine in 2018.  He has not had a recent heartworm test.  Steve's contact gave us more details about Steve's health:   "Steve is blind due to uveitis, has possible early kidney issue and hypothyroidism."  He weighs about 50 pounds.

Minnie is not spayed.  She also received her distemper and parvo vaccines in June 2016, and is next due for her rabies vaccine in 2019.  She has not had a recent heartworm test, but was heartworm negative in 2014.  Minnie weighs about 10 pounds.

Owner Info: OS has been in touch with a wonderful organization out of North Carolina who acts as a liaison for community and shelter dogs in danger.  They are urgently trying to help bonded pair Minnie (a Shih Tzu) and Steve (a blind Spaniel mix) find rescue or a new home.  Minnie's and Steve's owner died, and relatives of the previous owner are currently caring for them.  Minnie and Steve are in their old home for now.  Their current caregivers do not feel they can care for Minnie and Steve and have reached out for help.  Our contact writes, "I found these doggies posted on a free pet giveaway page and stepped in to give these doggies a chance to find a good home." They are desperately hoping we can help!

Minnie and Steve are indoor dogs with run of the house.  They appear to be housebroken and are leash trained.  They're good with people of all ages, male and female dogs, and cats!  Their contact gave us more information about both dogs:  "Steve lost sight about a year ago. Steve and Minnie are great with people, kids and other dogs. Steve likes his introductions to new dogs to be slow...both are obedient and sweet doggies."

Minnie and Steve are not possessive of toys, treats, or food, but Steve did growl at another dog once.  "Steve has growled at another dog before when the dog rushed up on him too quickly, but he did not display any other aggression. He is generally ok with other dogs and has met a lot of them."  Steve has never bitten or snapped.  Both dogs also do well at boarding/grooming.

​Minnie is ​a real sweetheart!  "Friendly w all - but not cat tested.  No general health issues noted by vet.  Just a general sweet gal who helps her friend Steve out on a daily basis".

Minnie and Steve's contact wants us to know what special and deserving dogs they are!  "Minnie and Steve have had a rough go of things.... now being cared for by those that provide for their basic care but are not able to provide love and companionship for them. Please help me help Steve and Minnie so they do not end up given away to less than savory people via a facebook giveaway page. They deserve more."


Name: Boss
Age: 15 years
Breed: American Pit Bull
Sex: Male (not altered)
Location: Marietta, GA

Vet Info: Boss is not neutered.  He is up to date on his rabies and parvo vaccines and is scheduled to receive his remaining vaccines on 9/24.  He is heartworm negative per his owner, but this has not yet been confirmed.  Boss weighs about 70 pounds.

Owner Info: DOB April 2001. Boss is a sweet senior Pit Bull whose owner feels she can't give him the attention or care he needs because her hours increased at work and she has moved to another state.  She has tried other organizations, but has not yet had any luck in finding Boss a new home or rescue.  She has had Boss since he was a puppy.

Boss is completely blind due to degenerative eye disease, and has arthritis in his hind legs.

Boss is an indoor dog with run of the house, he is housebroken and leash trained.  Boss is a smart fellow and knows several commands including, Sit, Stand, Stop, No Eat!  

Boss is good with people of all ages, and is not possessive of toys, treats, or food.  His owner tells us that Boss has never nipped, bitten or snapped at anyone, and that he is fine with all dogs, loves puppies and human babies.  She also feels that Boss adapts well to new situations.  

She is hoping we'll have a place for this sweet fellow!