Monday, August 29, 2016

Little Man

Name: Little Man
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male (not altered)
Breed: Chihuahua
Location: Central PA

Vet Info: Little Man's owner reports that he has never seen a vet due to lack of funds. They assume he is completely blind in one eye due to the cloudy/glassy look of the eye. However, they do not know the cause of this condition. Little Man weighs around 5 pounds.

Owner Info: Little Man is an adorable little chihuahua whose owner has "too many dogs at the home and not enough inside space." She is now looking for a good, loving home for him. He has been with his current owner for 5 years. Before that, he was with a family member who is unwilling to care for him. This baby is currently being kept outside on a tie-out. 

Little Man is kept in a small fenced area outside or in a kennel when he is in the house. There are numerous dogs and cats at the house. Little Man is not housebroken; however, he is leash trained.  He is outgoing and good with people of all ages and female dogs. Little Man is not possessive of toys, treats, or food and has never bitten or snapped.  

Little Man's owner writes, "This dog does not have a good quality of life with us and we are financially unable to provide it to him." They are now committed to finding him a good home where he will be cared for and loved. Does someone have space in their heart and home for this baby?


Name: Buck
Age: Unknown
Sex: Male (not altered)
Breed: Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Location: Southern NJ

Vet Info: Buck has not seen a vet since his good samaritan picked him up so she does not know if he has had vaccinations or a heartworm test. Buck weighs around 60 pounds.

Owner Info: Buck is a very handsome fellow with a sad story.  He was found wandering the neighborhood very malnourished. A good samaritan took him in and tried to contact his owner. She was told by the former owner's sister that Buck was not taken care of and he was probably let go on purpose. Buck's caregiver says she has become very attached to him but is hoping he can find a better home with someone who has more experience and can spend more time with him than she can. He has been with his caregiver for two months.
Buck is an outdoor dog with a fenced yard.  Because he stays outside, his caregiver does not know if he is house-broken or leash-trained.  Buck is described as extremely friendly and good with people of all ages, male and female dogs, and other pets.  His caregiver also has two other dogs, two bunnies, and a bird. Buck has never shown aggression while he has been with his current caregiver and he is not possessive of toys, treats, or food. His caregiver feels he adapts well to new situations.

When asked about his eyes, his caregiver said, “I believe he is fully blind in one and the other is extremely cloudy and on a daily basis has fluid leaking from it.

Buck's caregiver says Buck deserves another chance at a good home with someone who cares and has more time for him.


Name: Xega
Age: 9 years
Breed: Mastiff
Sex: Female (not altered)
Location: Galveston County, Texas

Vet Info: Xega is not spayed.  She is not up to date on vaccines and has not been heartworm tested.  Xega weighs about 100 pounds.  

Owner Info: Xega is a gorgeous girl whose owners were evicted and couldn't take her.  A good samaritan stepped in to foster her because she might have been put down at the local shelter.  She is unable to keep Xega and is hoping to find rescue or a new home for her!  Another rescue referred her to us.

Xega is an indoor dog with run of the house, she is housebroken and leash trained.  She is good with women and children, but she seems frightened of men and will bark at male voices.  Her current owner writes, "She doesn't try to bite but she is scared of male voices. Will try to get away from a male."  

She is good with male and female dogs and cats, and currently lives with two Chihuahuas and a cat.  Xega is a very sweet girl!  She is not possessive of toys, treats, or food, and has never bitten or snapped. 

Xega's current owner feels she adapts well to new situations and tells us, "She was very shy when she came to my house 2 months ago and now she is walking around a lot more. She hits my walls but she is learning the house."  She is unsure of the cause of Xega's blindness and believes Xega is completely blind.  She also tells us Xega was skinny when she got her but has now gained weight.

Xega's current owner wants us to know what a sweetie she is!  "She is a very sweet dog that deserves a great home. She is great with me but we will live in an apartment and it's small for her. Plus my apartment doesn't allow animals over the weight of 50 pounds."


Name: Sadie
Age: 8 Months
Breed: Great Pyrenees
Sex: Female (altered, not yet confirmed)
Location: KY

Vet Info: Sadie is spayed, heartworm negative and up to date on vaccines but this has not yet been confirmed.  and has not had a recent heartworm test.  Sadie weighs around 68 lbs. Retinal detachment of both eyes. Diagnosed with SARDS on 8-23-16. 
Complete visual loss.

Owner Info: Sadie is only 8 months old and unfortunately is an outdoor dog who needs some extra attention and guidance since losing her sight that her owners are unable to give her. Her owner says, "She lost her vision abruptly and was diagnosed with SARDS. She is so sweet and loving and playful. Obedient by nature she listens well and is always willing to please. My heart is broken that this is happening but because she is an outside dog we won't be able to assist her in adapting to this new way of life. She needs a home where she will be able to stay inside and have a opener who is patent and sensitive to her blindness." According to her owners, "This is the first step I have taken. I live in a small town and am reluctant to shelter her or give her to the first person who says they will take her on. I need help to find a responsible and knowledgeable owner who will love her beyond her shortcomings with vision. We also have word of mouth and the vet clinic is sharing her story as well."

Sadie is currently an outdoor dog with a fenced yard. She is not yet housebroken or leash trained due to being kept outside. Her owner reports that Sadie is good with pretty much everyone except cats that she hasn't had any experience with yet. She is good with younger kids, dogs, men and women. She currently shares the outdoor space with her litter mate and another dog who is a Maltese. She does know some commands like "sit" and "come." She is not possessive with treats, toys or food and has never shown aggression. Actually, her owner said, "We have a small dog and a 2 year old. He can literally pull toys from her mouth. She is gentle and loves little kids, has always been around them, a big people dog, she needs human interaction."

Sadie's owner feels she adapts well to new situations,and writes, "she is young and healthy and happy so chances are good that she will adapt well to a new situation."

Her owner wants others to know that "She is a blessing and her life deserves the best attention and potential happiness it can offer. I can't do this alone. I need resources and help re-homing her, I hope you'll have the opportunity to make a difference in Sadie's life and in the future be the person blessed enough to raise her."

Does anyone have room for this sweet girl???

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Buddy - At Shelter

Name: Buddy
Age: 8 years
Breed: Maltipoo
Sex: Male (not altered)
Location: Kingsport area, TN

Vet Info: Buddy is not neutered and has not had a recent heartworm test.  Buddy's owners tell us he is up to date on vaccines, but this has not yet been confirmed.  Buddy weighs about 10 pounds.  

Owner Info: Buddy is an adorable little Maltipoo in urgent need of rescue.  His owners were in a car accident last year, and due to circumstances beyond their control, have had to move in with their daughter, her husband, and their son.  Their grandson is four years old, and frightens Buddy with his activity.  They write, "On two occasions Buddy was resting in the hallway, when our grandson ran by Buddy which frightened him. Buddy started to bark at him and snapped at our grandson. In both occasions Buddy DIDN'T bite our grandson therefore NEVER broke any skin."
Buddy has less than a week to find rescue.

Buddy's owner has asked coworkers, family, and friends, but has not yet had any luck in finding Buddy a new home.  They have had Buddy for five years, and adopted him through a Facebook posting.

Buddy is completely blind in his left eye, and has partial sight in his right eye.  His owner also tells us that when they got Buddy, he was missing his front four top and bottom teeth.  

Buddy is an indoor dog with run of the house, he is housebroken and leash trained.  Younger children frighten him, so a quiet home without children would be best.  Buddy seems to prefer women, and will bark at some men while they're walking or new men that he meets.  Once he gets to know the men, though, he is just fine.  

Buddy is good with female dogs, cats, and other small animals, and he currently lives with a dachshund.  His owner told us Buddy may get aggressive around other unneutered male dogs, and said, "This mostly happens when i am walking him."   Buddy's owner told us about a neighbor dog who is also not neutered, and was once aggressive towards Buddy.  From then on, Buddy and the other dog would have to be walked a distance from each other.  

Buddy's owner and his wife also believe that Buddy may have been abused.  "My wife I believe that he was abused by a male due to being so skiddish of other males."  He gave us some examples:  Once Buddy got loose, and Buddy's owner loudly yelled his name.  Buddy immediately urinated.  He also told us Buddy will not eat if he's being watched, and that Buddy will bark at some men during their walks or new men that he meets.  His owner wonders if those men may remind Buddy of someone.

Buddy is not possessive of toys, treats, or food, but has snapped at his owner's grandson because he was frightened.  "He has snapped at my grandson due to him running up on Buddy and scaring him on two occasions. Buddy has NEVER bitten anyone. Due to Buddy never biting anyone,he has NEVER broken skin!"

Buddy's owner feels he adapts well to new situations, and writes, "Yes, he is able to navigate around furniture, but has trouble judging distances. For example, going down stairs, or jumping on the couch. His is completely blind in his left eye, and partially blind in his right eye. He just needs a quiet living environment."

Buddy's owner told us he will be able to drive Buddy a good distance to save his life.  


Name: Oreo
Age: 6 months
Sex: Male (not altered)
Breed: Terrier mix
Location: Bridgeport, CT

Vet Info: Oreo is not neutered. Oreo has received the 1-year rabies vaccine, Bordatella, DHPP, and Parvo vaccinations (5 in 1). He was too young for a heartworm test but was given preventative (Pyrantel pamoate). Oreo weighs about 40 pounds. 

Owner Info: DOB 2/1/16. Oreo is an adorable six-month old pup who needs someone who can spend some time with him and give him the training and care he needs.  Oreo's current owner reported that his previous owner did not want him. She has had him for one month. She tells us, "I was trying to take care of him myself but I have not been able to spend the necessary time with him to work with him." 

Regarding his eye issues, Oreo's owner writes, "I have noticed his eyes would sort of shift from side to side when he would seem to try to stare at something." He has not seen a veterinary ophthalmologist. 

Oreo is an outdoor dog with a fenced yard. He is not housebroken or leash-trained. His owner tells us he gets along with men and women. He lives with a male and female dog and a female cat. Oreo is not possessive of toys, treats, or food and has never bitten or snapped. Can someone help this baby?

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Name: Dozer
Age: 2 years
Breed: Labrador/Boxer Mix
Sex: Male (altered)
Location: Royston, GA area

Vet Info: Dozer is confirmed neutered and up to date on the rabies and bordetella vaccines.  He is heartworm negative (test done in June). Dozer weighs about 65 pounds.

Owner Info:  Dozer is a very handsome fellow whose owner is going through a difficult time.  She writes, "I have had Dozer since he was born. He is very friendly, loving. He's great with my 2 small kids. And had never give us a problem with the other small dogs. I am going through a divorce and have been living with my mom. Me and my 2 children have an apartment now that doesn't allow pets and my mom can't keep Dozer due to medical issues."  She is hoping that Dozer will find a new home or rescue as soon as possible!  Dozer is not able to live with her ex-husband.

Dozer is an outdoor dog on a tie-out.  He is housebroken but not leash trained.  He knows the commands, Sit and Shake!   Dozer is a very friendly fellow and is described as outgoing.  He is good with people of all ages, female dogs, and cats.  His owner gave us more detail about how he is with male dogs:  "I took him to the animal shelter in lavonia and she brought several male dogs out. He was very good with them, but when he is at my home he is very protective of our house. He usually has to get to know another male dog before he lets them come in the yard."

Dozer is not possessive of toys, treats, or food and has never bitten or snapped.  His owner feels he adapts well to new situations.

Dozer is blind in one eye, but can see out of the other eye.  Other than that, his owner tells us he is healthy, "but he got run over one time when I was letting him run around the yard. He got in the road, and it broke his arm. So he has a limp."

Dozer's owner wants us to know she loves him very much, but feels this is the best thing for him.  "Dozer is my baby, I really don't want to lose him but I'm a full-time student and a single mom."